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About us: (हाम्रो बारेमा) is a concept developed to minimised the problem related with foreign jobs for Nepalese. We offers the services to the recruitment agencies and job-seeking candidate of Nepal with free of cost as is an initiative by Nepsia to digitalise migration process in a very basic level . We are the information distributer regarding the foreign employment. We collect the DoFE approved demand and relay these demand to the people of Nepal in a single place through our system. We circulate the information between the recruitment agencies and job-seeking candidate creating the bridge connection between these two parties. is constantly evolving technology building the foundation of honesty, integrity and wining a trust of the job-seeking and manpower recruitment agencies in Nepal.

(अब मलेसियाका रोजगारिका अबसर खोज्न भौतारिन पर्दैन , बिभिन्ना कम्पनिका विवरण सहित निसुल्क परामर्श सहितको जानकारी : बाट हेर्न सक्नु हुने छ । बिना कुनै दलाल सिधै म्यानपावरसंग सम्पर्क।)

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